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Self Help Group



 Self Help Group

In Kenya waste is a major issue creating environmental problems for the wildlife, marine eco-system and of course health hazards for humans.


Ngerende Island Lodge has initiated projects to help the local communities in the Masai Mara and people living in the environs of the lodge and the urban slums of Nairobi to earn a sustainable livelihood. We are encouraging the local Masai ladies and other ladies from other local communities living within the lodge to make bead crafts and products made from recycled materials which we offer to guests staying with us at the lodge, providing the women with an outlet for their crafts.


For the people living in the “Slum”, we have donated a workshop with machinery to produce various products from recycled materials. Residents are free to visit the workshop and if desired create their own products. We encourage the slum dwellers to collect and make individual and unique products such as sculptures, fashion accessories, jewellery and handbags all made from flip flops, recycled waste products such as tyre tubes, sisal or polythene papers which are stocked at the lodge gift shop.

These products, both from the Masai and other communities, and the self-help group, are handcrafted and all products are generously priced to provide reasonable earnings for the otherwise impoverished but talented artisans and sculptors. The earnings allow them to provide for themselves and families in terms of food, medical bills and education.


If you would like to help

By buying the products, you help to preserve the environment and provide a regular source of income to an inspired group of people who will receive fair wages for their work.